Products: More Unwind and Rewind Solutions

Martin Automatic is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of web handling equipment for the printing, packaging, converting and other industries. At Martin Automatic, we thrive on discovering creative ways to tackle new challenges, and we've been doing that for a long time. Martin develops custom-engineered products distinguished by their design simplicity and reliability. Our web handling and roll changing solutions are designed to enable Martin users to achieve maximum productivity, minimal waste, ease of operation, and a high level of flexibility and versatility. The equipment shown here represents just a few of the web handling solutions Martin has introduced. If you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We invite you to put our resources to work for you.


ECHW image
  • Economical splicing system for films and nonwovens

MRB Roll-Over-Roll Butt Splicer

MRB Roll-Over-Roll Butt Splicer image
  • Shafted roll-over-roll butt splicer for wide webs

NWLT Splicer

NWLT Butt Splicer image
  • Cantilevered narrow web splicer for paper, film, nonwoven and other materials

NWS Splicer

NWS Narrow Web Splicer image
  • Cantilevered non-stop unwind for narrow webs

SHUS Unwind/Splicer

SHUS Shaftless Unwind Stand image
  • Shaftless wide web unwind stand with optional semi-automatic splicing

SSBSC-IR Butt Splicer

SSBSC-IR Butt Splicer image
  • In-register butt splicer for specialty narrow web applications

TUS Turret Unwind Stand

TUS Turret Unwind Stand image
  • Rugged two-roll turret unwind