Products: Tension Control Systems

Web tension upsets between a roll and the process may be caused by braking of the running roll, splicing action, acceleration of the new roll after splicing, and out-of-roundness or imbalance in the roll. A dancer system using the principle of inertia compensation effectively absorbs tension upsets and delivers constant web tension to the process. Inertia compensation is achieved by engineering the system components to balance the translational (up and down dancer motion) and rotational (rotating dancer motion) inertias. Martin Automatic applies this patented principle in all our tension control and splicing equipment. If you've ever been to a trade show where Martin is exhibiting, you'll have seen a demonstration of the Martin Inertia-Compensated Dancer. If you haven't, or if you need a refresher course in tension control, click here [assuming there is a link to the video] to watch the video demonstration. If you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We invite you to put our resources to work for you.

Constant Tension Infeed/Outfeed

Constant Tension Infeed/Outfeed image
  • AC motor-driven or lineshaft driven systems for all webs
  • Martin interia-compensated dancer

Inertia Compensated Dancer

Inertia Compensated Dancer image
  • Dancer system absorbs tension upsets
  • Free-standing or integrated into other equipment