Return On Investment Form

Stopping your press to change rolls costs you money in material waste. Not only do you waste substrate in the press during stopping and re-starting. But have you considered how much material you throw away in butt rolls? An automatic splicer enables you to make better use of your butt rolls on repeat or future jobs, saving you significant money. To find out your potential monthly savings from automatic roll changing, just fill out the orange input boxes.

Label stock savings provided by automatic roll changing

Average number of times per month production is interrupted for manual roll changes
Average Web Width (in)
Average length of PS material lost per manual roll change (ft)
Average number of butt rolls scrapped per month
Average length of material on each scrapped roll (ft)
Average cost of label stock per 1000 sq-in ($)
Average value of label stock wasted per month due to manual roll changes ($)
Average value of butt rolls scrapped each month ($)
Average monthly savings provided by automatic roll changing ($)

For a more comprehensive return on investment calculation, please contact your Martin Automatic sales representative.